Being a neon guy in a earth-tone world

In seasons past, we have seen that neons came on the stage loudly and clearly. Can neon still be done?


Neon was definitely a big trend during Spring/Summer 2013. The brighter and bolder the better.


Here are some examples from Hermes:

mens neon 2

forbes neon


Flash-forward to Fall 2013, how do you translate last season’s fluorescence, into this season’s pop of color without looking stuck in the past? Want to look fresh without looking like Fresh Prince?

fresh prince

Embrace both the neon and the earth tone!

Mixing neutral and neon is not only appealing to the eye, but super fun.

Use neon as an accent of color with neon shoes, hats, ties, and other accessories.

hermes neon

tommy ton menswear5



General Idea "An easy way to amp up a classic preppy look is to add a jolt of color. I am loving this neon-orange tie and navy gingham shirt combo."—Lance Lin, GQ fashion editor

General Idea “An easy way to amp up a classic preppy look is to add a jolt of color. I am loving this neon-orange tie and navy gingham shirt combo.”—Lance Lin, GQ fashion editor


Wearable runway trend you don’t want to ignore

This fashion is all over runways and has been for a little while now. It is one of my all-time favorites because it is incredibly wear-able!



This trend is bold and brilliant because it has mass appeal! Nearly everyone has black and white pieces in their closet. If you don’t go ahead and invest in some.

You may be wondering- Why is this important? Why should I care? Why should I buy black and white?

Here are 3 reasons why you should embrace the black and white.

  • B&W is both trendy and timeless.
    Not only is this very fashion forward right now, but black and white will live forever. These pieces you can wear for the rest of your life.


  • B&W will save you money.
    Mixing and matching will be your best friend. Since you can wear these clothes forever, you won’t have to waste your money on trends that will obviously not last (Sorry to say it, but a cat on your shirt will only go so far.). Consider these as staples or investments in your closet.



  • B&W will make you skinny.
    Ok, wearing black and white will not actually make you skinny- but it’s worth a shot. Actually, the concept that black is slimming works with white as well. 


Here are some pictures of runway looks that sport this trend:


A look from Alexander Wang’s first Balenciaga collection


A look from Chloe‘s Fall 2013 collection


Proenza Schouler‘s fall collection was heavy on black and white separates



Inspired by this look but not entirely sure where to start? Here’s a video that may help!

How to wear Black and White




Ready to go shopping? Check out more trends at affordable prices. 

Today’s trends have me seeing spots. . . .

If you have been in any store recently, I’m sure you have spotted the polka dot trend. Polka dots are very in.

Some pretty new patterns you can snag are:

Polka dots,





and my personal favorite, stripes.

But back on spots, keep an eye on the look out for bokeh spots to start showing up in stores in the future.

This will never stay in your closet

There are a lot of must-haves this season that you “must have” in your closet. But I’m telling you, this item will never be in your closet.

I’m talking about one of my favorite pieces of clothing that I recently acquired. For some of you, you may have had this for years and have just now been seeing the comeback. That’s right…

the denim vest.

My denim vest is never in my closet because either I’m trying it on with my current outfit or I’m already wearing it.

Here are a few reasons why I love my denim vest.
Not only is it a hot new trend, but it will match nearly everything you wear.
This is an accessory that works well for both men and women.
But one of my favorite things about this fashion is that it can be very inexpensive. Hit up Goodwill or anyone’s closet who is stuck in the 90’s.

Bottom line, embrace the denim and rock the vest.