I like big boots and I cannot lie

This season is all about the boots! Here are a quick look at the different styles of boots that are hot this season.

Tall, tall, tall.

Knee highs or thigh highs, the taller the better.I think this looks really good with shorter skirts and tights.

Tip from Charisa: Try it with a sweater, or cardigan for this warm look.but remember, keep it cute. Knee highs and thigh highs tend to be on the sexy side.

Like what you see? Click the image to be able to purchase.

Like what you see? Click the image to be able to purchase.

Prints and textures.

Patterns are everywhere. Particularly on pants and shoes. keep your look fresh with a surprising pop of color and pattern.


Tip from Charisa: go wild! Try snake skin- zebra needs to stay in that safari called summer season, and aslthough leopard is almost always in style, try something a little different. you will look and feel great when you slither in the room with some snake skin pattern boots.

Heres how I recently rocked the snake skin shoes at a girls night out.

Follow me on IG: @charisak

Follow me on IG: @charisak

Stacked heel:
This look is not my favorite, but it is classy.   Try it with a pair of skinny jeans or a midiskirt.


Sporty wedge heels

Love love love. I first noticed these boots make an appearance last fall, and some various styles of these even earlier than that. They are back and bigger than ever. You will find people sporting this sporty look nearly everywhere you go.


Tip from Charisa: I love these shoes,but they are pretty trendy. If you wanna jump on that wedge wagon, do it now before it’s too late.


These are my personal favorite and I love these when the weather drops a little. These are perfect to get that slightly more edgy, punk, grunge, or even hipster look depending on style.


tip from Charisa: my personal favorite thing to do is to pair combat boots with girly skirts and dresses. It keeps it girly and playful while still being hard.

What is your favorite boot/shoe trend right now?


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