Trend setting while jet setting

During the summer, I had the amazing opportunity to travel overseas. Over the span of two weeks, I visited the Philippines, Guam, Chuuk, and Japan. I absolutely love to travel to new places, but I’m not a huge fan of actually traveling to those places. Plane rides are long and uncomfortable. Another problem I encounter is not knowing what to wear.
Here are some tips that I learned (sometimes the hard way), to help you and any other future world travelers.
1. Don’t forget a jacket.

Even if your destination is a very hot place, you will regret not bringing a jacket or sweater. And although your flight might be incredibly boring, playing freeze-out is not the game you will want to be playing. The temperature inside of a plane is very unpredictable. You never know if it is going to be too cold or too hot. That’s why you will want to . . .

2. Dress in layers.

Wear a pair of leggings or shorts underneath your pants inside the airport. Once inside the plane, you can slip into the bathroom and slip off those jeans. This is a good idea for a few reasons- 1. So you can have as much or as little warmth from your clothing as needed; 2. When you get inside the airplane, shorts or leggings will be much more comfortable for those hours on the plane; 3. You won’t look as much like a hobo inside the airport (Trust me. You don’t want to do that.). Dress like the jet setter that you are.
3. Wear shoes that are easy to put on. No one likes “that guy” who holds up any line- especially going through airport security. So don’t be “that guy”- wear shoes that you can slip on quickly and can keep the line flowing. Also, wear comfortable shoes. You never know when you will be running a little late and will have to run to the gate to catch your flight. Heels are not the way to go. (The same rules apply to jeans that sag. You can’t catch a flight if you have to catch your falling pants.)


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