It’s how you play the fashion game

Fall is in the air. . . or maybe that’s just the scent of that PSL.

Fall conjures up many images. For some, that is pumpkins, scarves, leaves, boots, sweaters, or maybe apple cider or that Pumpkin Spice Latte. In the South, however, fall means only one thing. . .


Not only is football is getting into full swing right now, but basketball (my personal favorite) is gearing up right now in preseason.

So let’s take a look at the best and the worst of the fall fashions that are on the field and court right now.



Best- San Francisco 49ers


Red. Gold. Beautiful. It’s hard to go wrong with these colors. This uniform is not only a little old-school, but can also be translated very modern. Not only will your team look hard on the field- fans will look great as well. You can have dressing up for tailgating with this team.

Worst- Jacksonville Jaguars


Oh, Jacksonville. It’s hard for this team to be on the top of any list. I will give them major points for originality. Using this animal print on the field is rarely done, if ever. I will also say that I am in love with their away jerseys. I wanted to hate them, but I couldn’t. My big beef I have with them however is that their home jerseys are an example of placement gone wrong. I’m confused with what is going on down stairs.

Jacksonville Jaguar's away jersey

Jacksonville Jaguar’s away jersey


Best- Oregon Ducks

oregon ducks

Let’s be real right now. The Oregon Ducks will always be the best looking team on the field. Even if you disagree with that statement everyone can see that their look is polarizing- you love it or you hate it. I always love it. This is an example of originality gone well. The wings on their shoulders and their helmets are striking. The typeface choice is also perfect. If I were a college football player, I would want to be playing in that uniform.

Worst- University of Maryland Pride


I’m sorry, Maryland. Underarmour did you wrong. There is a place for this uniform, but that would be on a horse while jousting. I just don’t understand.. Here is an example of originality not going well.



Best- Chicago Bulls


There is no questioning that the 90’s Chicago Bulls uniform is indeed one of the best uniforms of all time. They have kept up their swag by keeping their look simple and old-school. They don’t need to change it up very much because they got it on lock with these uniforms.swag

Worst- New Orleans Pelicans


Not only is their team name the worst in the association, but so are their boring uniforms. They get points for consistency though.


Best- Syracuse Orangemen


This is how consistency should be done. Syracuse has an unmistaken identity and presence. This is another fun team to be a fan for. The Syracuse crowd is bright and bold.SU-Basketball

Worst- Kansas State WildcatsKansas-State1

Gray has been so hot lately. This color is everywhere right now. Kansas State, however, proves that it has no business being on a basketball court. It looks sweaty and nasty. To their credit, they do have an intriguing design on the back of their jersey. But it’s the magic of now you see me, now you don’t because it seems to disappear while they are playing and sweating it up.kstate

As the old saying goes, it’s not about whether you win or lose. It’s about how you look playing the game. (That’s how the saying goes right?)


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